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Time for Me

Wow it seems like forever since I put up a pattern on my site. I have been doing work for assorted publications and companies, although I like being busy this way I do miss working on my own site. I love what the independent designers have been doing in the last year, my congratulations to them all.

Josi Hannon Madera and her Art of Crochet site, you go girl! You have that type of mind and I expect nothing less of you. http://www.iamintheloop.com/artofcrochet/index.php

The Crochet Designers of Lulu.com, a force to be reckoned with, I applaud you all:
Chris Simon
Kim Guzman aka 'Crochet Kim'
Amy O'Neill Houck
Christi Detlofsen
Drew Emborsky aka 'The Crochet Dude'
Chie O'Briant
Sandy Scofield
Michelle Ryan
Phebe Durand
Lisa Pettipas
Alicia Weber
Kimberly Reichner

Now I know they are many more of you out there that I didn't mention and please don't be upset but feel free to add yours to my comments because I would like to see what you have being doing too. I mentioned the designers that 'I see' all the time. New designers step up too! I've thrown down the glove.
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I have worked with cashmere before and wasn't that impressed, but this Black Pearl Cashmere is like butter, take a peek here:

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Of course you know I had to design something with it, I did a shrug, not released yet but soon and a lacy Camisole for For One Planet Yarn and Fiber. Here's the pics of the Cami in a ribboned and plain version.

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Here's the link to their blog so see their other patterns:

They also have a wool and tencel fingering weight I'm absolutely in love with, can't show the picture of the piece I made with it yet. More designs to come...so stay tuned....same yarn time...same yarn channel... O.K so nice yarn makes me giddy!!!
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I'm still alive and kicking!

Well Happy New Year all! I know I'm kinda late with it, but I've been busy, busy, busy.

Last year has been spent working on publishing commitments and I have to say waiting for publications to be releases requires a lot more patience than I own.

One of the pieces I did for Plymouth Yarns was a military style jacket, its on their site but I can't see the details from the pic and unfortunately I only took a pic of it on my desk. Here's the link to their pattern:http://www.plymouthyarn.com/index.php?nav=cPatterns.patternGallery&yarn_id=000110&pattern_id=001316

and shot and heres my pic.
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